Say Yes to Ebenezer CSA

Community Supported Agriculture consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation where the farmland becomes the community’s farm. The growers and consumers provide mutual support and share the risks and benefits of food production.

Pay a one-time fee by Sunday, April 21 to receive a weekly box of ultra-fresh, organic nutrient-dense, chemical-free produce every Sunday from 8/25 to 10/27.


  1. Supports local black farmers.
  2. Affordable, weekly organic nutrient-dense produce. 
  3. Local farm fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Payment is made in one lump sum or installments before the growing season.
  5. Joy of knowing your farmer, how your food is grown, and where it comes from.
  6. Supports a healthy environment and positive climate outcomes.
  7. Reduces produce bills and saves time grocery shopping.
  8. Adds money back to your weekly food or household budget to be saved or used for other things.
  9. Convenient pick-up location every Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  10. Nutrition educational sessions to connect the food we eat to health outcomes.


  1. What is a share? A portion of produce grown and harvested just for you.
    (see examples below)
  2. Is my purchase refundable? No refunds.
  3. Payment plans are available.
  4. SNAP & EBT is available.
  5. Once enrolled, participants will receive a list of veggies they can mix and match.
  6. Each week participants will also get recipes.
  7. What if I have an allergy? No worries, once enrolled you will be asked to disclose any food allergies.



  1. Click here to Bread and Butter Farms
  2. Select EBC_CSA
  3. Select Create an Account
  4. Complete sign up and check your email to activate the account
  5. Create password
  6. Click on EBC_CSA
  7. Select Share Size
  8. Place order from there


***Forfeiture Policy: Please coordinate with Farmer Musa at least three days in advance if you cannot pick up your farm box. Farm boxes that are not picked up during the designated time / place will be donated to an Ebenezer partner site.