Church Community Builder (CCB) is our membership portal where members can access their giving records; connect with ministries and find more information and registration links for events listed in the newsletter. The CCB Superusers ministry has developed a training program to help members learn to navigate CCB.

The next Basic User Training will be on May 13th at 6 pm. Sign up here

Save the date for these upcoming training sessions. Registration will open soon.

8th Advanced Training – Managing Groups/Mail Merger/Communication (6pm)
9th Advanced Training - Events/Calendar/Attendance/Check-In (6pm)
10th Advanced Training - Forms/Reports & Metrics (6pm)

14th Basic User Training (12pm)
14th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)
15th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)
16th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)

9th Basic User Training (6pm)

7th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)
8th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)
9th Advanced Training – TBD (6pm)