Purpose Statement

  • Ebenezer Baptist Church is an urban-based, global ministry dedicated to individual growth and social transformation through living in the message and carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Formation

  • We EXALT our Lord, Jesus Christ and believe that by living in His Word we have eternal salvation.
  • We EDUCATE our members through an interactive program of life-long learning that includes Bible studies, small groups, spiritual mentoring, and practice.
  • We EDIFY God with head and heart through vibrant praise, persistent prayer and relevant proclamation.
  • We EFFECT growth in the church and change in the community by faithfully rendering to God our time, tithes and talents.
  • We EMBRACE the belief that the acid test of a congregation’s spiritual health and the relevance of its ministry is its impact upon the community.

Social Transformation

  • We EMBODY the mission of Jesus Christ through service-filled lives that work to feed the poor, liberate the oppressed, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and visit those who are sick or imprisoned.
  • We EQUIP the body to both discern and perfect the various gifts of individual members for the work of Christ here on earth.
  • We EMPOWER the people of Ebenezer to impact the world by bearing witness to the God of love and justice through Jesus Christ.
  • We EVANGELIZE those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Liberator.
  • We ENLIST the people of our community