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Ebenezer Baptist Church is an urban-based, global ministry dedicated to individual growth and social transformation through living in the message and carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ.

Ebenezer Stories

Our own Deacon Phillip Finch sits down with the web series On the Front Pew, for a conversation about the history of Ebenezer, the legacy of Daddy King and more.

 Nov 6, 2021

God provides a way through medicine. Ebenezer is a Covid-19 vaccination and testing site. Learn more about how our community is choosing a healthy life.

 Dec 8, 2021 

In September, Ebenezer celebrated Pastor Warnock’s 16th anniversary. Watch our celebration video.


 Oct 4, 2021 

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America’s Freedom Church

We are Dedicated To Individual Growth & Social Transformation Through Living In The Message & Carrying Out The Mission Of Jesus Christ.