Sunday School at Ebenezer Baptist Church provides an interactive opportunity for adults, adolescents, and children to acquire knowledge about Christian Education, through fellowship and active participation in classroom instruction.

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  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed to analyze scripture in the Bible.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Christian Faith in daily living.
  • Serve as a champion of social justice and inclusion in the church, neighborhood, and the world community.
  • Acquire and demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with Disciples of Christ.

Organization Structure

The Sunday School is part of Christian Education at Ebenezer Baptist Church and is composed of a Youth Division and an Adult Division.


Youth Division


 Rainbows for God (Ages 3-5 years)

Children are introduced to church life, Bible verse and Christian songs. They learn the importance of kindness, love, sharing, and praying.

Educational Building (1st floor) – Nursery – Room 112

God’s Little Helpers (Ages 6-8 years)

Children learn Bible stories and biblical passages such as the 23rd Psalm, the Beatitudes, and the Ten Commandments.

Educational Building – Room 204

Pathfinders (Ages 9-11 years)

Children learn more about God’s expectations of them and how they should live a Christian Life.

Educational Building – Room 205


Youth for Christ (Ages 12-14 years)

Youth learn about salvation and living a Christian Life. They learn and understand the importance of spiritual growth and development.

Educational Building – Room 202


Faithbuilders (Ages 15-17 years)

Teenagers focus on building faith and acquiring strong Christian values. They learn how to overcome life’s challenges by trusting in God.

Educational Building – Room 202 


Adult Division


 Abraham B. Blanch (Adult Men)

Studies God’s word in a very practical sense and strives to use it as a guide for daily living.

MLKCRC – Room 320

A.D. Williams (Adult – Male & Female)

Concentrates on helping individuals draw closer to God through Jesus the Christ.

Educational Building – Room 103

Dora & L.L. Laster (Adult – Male & Female)

Explores the Bible in light of contemporary issues.

Educational Building – Room 110

Milton Cornelius (Adult – Male & Female)

Emphasizes the Sunday School Lesson, strong family values, and good fellowship.

MLKCRC – Room 211

*M.L. King Sr. (Adult – Male & Female)

Continues in the tradition of Rev. M.L. King Sr., “Teaching God’s Truth.” (This class was organized in 1936 by Rev. King, Sr.)

MLKCRC – Cyber Cafe

Pearl Reese (Adult – Male & Female)

Concentrates on teaching others to strive daily to put into action the Christian principles set before us by our Lord and Savior.

Educational Building – Room  116

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* ASL Interpreters Available