Mission Statement

Ebenezer Baptist Church is an urban-based, global ministry dedicated to individual growth and social transformation through living in the message and carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ.

Purpose of Small Groups at Ebenezer

To provide a safe environment where participants pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth.

Values and Goals

While prayer and discussion of the sermons are key elements, the primary goal of the group is the building/strengthening of relationships, with each other and most importantly with God.

The atmosphere should encourage openness and transparency among members. This is an environment where people should feel free to be themselves and share openly without criticism.

For authenticity to occur, members must be able to trust that issues discussed within the group will not be shared outside the group.

Group members should never say anything that will embarrass or offend other members of the group. Everyone should feel accepted and valued.

The group members focus on the well-being of others, not just self-interest. This requires a willingness to be available to meet one another’s needs.

Group members recognize that one of the goals in their group is to start a new group within the life cycle of the group. This allows others to experience the Community Group relationship.