Pastoral Counseling & Congregational Care Ministry

As we journey together, in the midst of crisis, we rise above, we pray, we give thanks. No matter the circumstance.

For The Person…

  • Recently Divorced
  • Who had a loss of a baby they wanted badly
  • Whose body is devastated by the treatments they are receiving
  • Who feels they are barely “existing„ in the nursing home
  • Who is overwhelmed by financial demands
  • Who has to helplessly see their child suffer
  • Who lives with a cloud of depression over them
  • Who recently stood at the fresh dug grave of someone they love
  • Who feels suffocated by their loneliness

Support Groups and Offerings

  • Pastor Visitation
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Mental Health Support
  • Grief and Loss Ministry
  • Grief and Loss Support Group
  • Remembrance Cards

Faith & Fitness